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Jinkang Hexin,
Naturally occurring folic acid Institute

Lianyungang Jinkang Hexin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the innovation and application research of Naturalization folate for sixteen years. It is the second company globally and the first in China to possess the core technology and independent intellectual property rights for active folate. As a pioneer in Naturalization folate research, it is also an international leading provider of application solutions. The company has built one of the largest patent portfolios for Naturalization folate globally.

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金康和信携手黄荷凤院士、孙瑜教授《健康孕育 致信新生》地贫公...

5月8日,连云港金康和信药业有限公司主办了《健康孕育 致信新生》世界地贫日公益科普节目,诚邀中国科学院黄荷凤院士、北京大......




2023年3月25日下午,《承载使命 守护健康》——天然化(活性)叶酸:新时代下的研究与应用—产品上市学术交流会在连云港......

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